Residential Construction


What you need to know about us

Explore Texas Sparks Constructions’ residential projects to choose from the highest quality homes in the most happening locales in Texas, and stay up-to-date on the latest construction trends. Our residential construction projects include townhomes, custom independent homes, spec homes, and high-rise apartments. We offer residential home build services, as well as specialize in planning, zoning, county & city permits, loan assistance, general contracting, and engineering services.

Different from commercial projects, residential construction projects are large, budget-constrained, client-focused, detail-oriented, and are often spread across vast timelines and budgets. As an experienced construction partner in the market, we can handle large projects like these with ease, and will quickly and effectively respond to any unexpected glitches. In collaboration with our architectural and design teams, our specialized general contractors provide design-build and design-assist services that are in harmony with the approved project drawings.

  • Specialized general contractors for residential construction projects.
  • Coordination with architecture and design teams for efficient project management.
  • Detailed oriented and client focused services.
  • Quick response to unexpected glitches or problems.
  • We provide detailed timelines and budgets before any construction starts so that there are no surprises down the line.
  • Our vast experience in residential construction means that we can handle any size project with ease.
  • We specialize in design-build and design-assist services which results in a smooth, coordinated project execution.