Gunter 201

Discover endless possibilities on this sprawling 201.66-acre property in Grayson County, Texas. With scenic ponds, convenient dual road access, and approved MUD status as Sunset Ranch, this prime location offers flexible utilities, a flat topography, and abundant space for your dream development.



Project Area

201.66 Acres

Project Type


Project Location

600 Fox Lane, Gunter, TX


Property Details:

  • Location: Grayson County, Texas
  • Size: 201.66 acres
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Access: Fox Lane and Block Road
  • Topography: Relatively flat
  • Features: Three small ponds
  • Current Use: Primarily agricultural


  • Water Service: Mustang SUD
  • Sewer Service: Septic tank option (No sewer service from City of Gunter)
  • Electric Company: Grayson Collin Electric Cooperative (GCEC)

Development Criteria:

  • Located just outside the ETJ of Gunter
  • County design criteria and regulations applicable

Municipal Utility District (MUD) Status:

  • MUD Consent Application: Submitted to Grayson County for approval
  • Purpose of MUD: Funding for infrastructure development and maintenance
  • Infrastructure Covered: Water, sewer, drainage systems, and roads
  • MUD District Name: Sunset Ranch

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Prime Location: The property is situated in Grayson County, Texas, offering exceptional growth and investment opportunities.
  • Vast Land Size: With a sprawling 201.66 acres, there is abundant space for potential development.
  • Dual Road Access: Conveniently accessible from both Fox Lane and Block Road, providing ease of entry for residents and businesses.
  • Scenic Landscape: The property features three picturesque ponds, enhancing its visual appeal and offering potential recreational use.
  • Flexible Utilities: Water service is available through Mustang SUD, while electric service is provided by Grayson Collin Electric Cooperative.
  • Development Potential: Located just outside the ETJ of Gunter, the property benefits from flexibility in development plans and adherence to county design criteria.
  • MUD District Support: With an approved MUD status as Sunset Ranch, the property benefits from dedicated funding and infrastructure support for future development.
  • Flat Topography: The relatively flat terrain allows for ease of construction and potential cost savings during the development process.

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