Gardenia Village

Interior Design to create aesthetically-pleasing and functionally-efficient spaces for small businesses, keeping their everyday business needs in mind. Design spacious shared spaces to enable business networking and marketing.


On Progress

Project Area

4826 Sq. Ft.

Project Type

Coworking/Office Space

Project Location

E University Drive, Suite 204, 208, Aubrey, TX


Project Highlights

  • Offered Architectural Planning to ensure effective utilization of available space.
  • Installed Interior partitions and glass frontage for studio office spaces.
  • Installed Vinyl/Carpet Flooring across the entire office area.
  • Responsible for City Permits and Inspections
  • Executed Sheet Rough Work and MVP Contractor works.
  • Executed Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing Rough-ins.
  • Installed Ceiling grid framing and closure.
  • Installed Fire Sprinkler and Fire Alarm works.
  • Installed HVAC unit, Electrical Meter release Inspections, & Mechanical Finals.
  • Responsible for ADA Compliance Inspection and Certification
  • Installed AI-powered Smart Locks and WiFi-controlled Thermostats
  • Installed Ceiling tiles with 0.75 NRC (noise reduction coefficient) to prevent sound transmission from one office to another.
  • Used R19 Insulation for interior partitions - to reduce sound transmission.
  • Installed August Locks for entrance doors to enable remote open/close.
  • Setup Wi-Fi system with Google Mesh to ensure consistent network speed in every nook and corner of the office.
  • Installed Metal Signages - Dedicated business name plates.
  • Responsible for Furnishing, Furniture and Artifacts across the entire space to create ambience and aesthetics.
  • Installation of Blink CCTV Cameras at all entry/exit doors to ensure additional safety.
  • Setup Kitchen, Kitchen Appliances and Break Room Design.

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