Is Phase-wise Construction Right For Your Commercial Project?

Phase-wise Construction Right

Is Phase-wise Construction Right For Your Commercial Project?

Starting or expanding your business generally includes the expansion of your premises as well. In many cases, one has to find ways to initiate or continue business operations when modifying your current commercial space or building a new one. Though it is common to finish the whole construction in one go, it might be beneficial to divide the whole project into smaller tasks. Such a situation hints towards utilizing the power of phase-wise construction. But what is this new construction method, and is it right for your commercial project? Let's find out.

What is Phase-wise construction?

Phase-wise construction splits your project into multiple parts that are finished in different phases. Depending on the situation, you can plan to space out these phases into several months or even years. Such a construction comes in handy when it is impossible to finish the whole construction simultaneously because of time or financial constraints.

When should you use Phase-wise construction for your commercial project?

Phase-wise construction is best for you in the following situations:

  • You want to keep your business open during the construction process and have to conduct it from the same premises.
  • You have little initial investment and want to spread the construction cost over a longer period.
  • It is beneficial to secure a short-term loan for the project as against a long-term loan.
  • You want to avoid relocation and expand or revamp your existing premises.
  • You are still determining the overall design you want for your new space and plan to use the initial construction phase as a mock-up.

Challenges to using phase-wise construction for your commercial project

Though phase-wise construction offers many benefits, you must be cautious of a few aspects when utilizing it for your next project:

  • Completing a construction project in phases takes much more time than a regular one, so you must be ready for such a commitment.
  • Working in a construction zone can immensely distract you and your employees.
  • Phase-wise construction might lead to higher project costs because of inflation or other unforeseen circumstances in the future.
  • You will have to go through multiple project drawings, design alterations, and meetings since the projects are divided into several phases.

Summing Up

It is possible to save the hassle of relocating by choosing phase-wise construction of your existing business premises. You can also offset the construction costs by continuing the commercial activity and generating income from the finished parts of the building.