Suite 130

Completed Interior Finish-out of whitebox shell spaces to create a perfectly customisable space to accommodate functional office units. Ideal for small businesses designed with easy navigation in mind, to make the most of the available space and create a perfect corporate ambience.



Project Area

2979 Sq. Ft.

Project Type

Coworking/Office Space

No.of Executive Office


Project Location

1792 King Arthur Blvd- Lewisville


Project Highlights

    • Offered Architectural Planning to ensure effective utilization of available space.
    • Installed Interior partitions and glass frontage for studio office spaces.
    • Installed Vinyl/Carpet Flooring across the entire office area.
    • Responsible for City Permits and Inspections
    • Executed Sheet Rough Work and MVP Contractor works.
    • Executed Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing Rough-ins.
    • Installed Ceiling grid framing and closure.
    • Installed Fire Sprinkler and Fire Alarm works.
    • Installed HVAC unit, Electrical Meter release Inspections, & Mechanical Finals.
    • Responsible for ADA Compliance Inspection and Certification
    • Installed AI-powered Smart Locks and WiFi-controlled Thermostats
    • Installed Ceiling tiles with 0.75 NRC (noise reduction coefficient) to prevent sound transmission from one office to another.
    • Used R19 Insulation for interior partitions - to reduce sound transmission.
    • Installed August Locks for entrance doors to enable remote open/close.
    • Setup Wi-Fi system with Google Mesh to ensure consistent network speed in every nook and corner of the office.
    • Installed Metal Signages - Dedicated business name plates.
    • Responsible for Furnishing, Furniture and Artifacts across the entire space to create ambience and aesthetics.
    • Installation of Blink CCTV Cameras at all entry/exit doors to ensure additional safety.
    • Setup Kitchen, Kitchen Appliances and Break Room Design.

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