Manor 80

80 acres of land, currently under permit phase, to develop 1 acre housing lots for residential communities.



Project Area

80 Acres

Project Type


Project Location

20900 Trappers Trail Manor, TX 78653, USA


Property Details:

  • Land area: 80.6 Ac (Land is consisting of two parcels of 12.355 and 68.278-acres)
  • Address: 20900 Trappers Trail, Manor, TX 78653
  • City Limits: Approximately 28 Ac. Of land is in Austin ETJ and the Rest of 52 Ac. Of land situated in Travis County.
  • Property Address: 20900 trappers trail, Manor, TX
  • Property ID: 201906 and 205887
  • CAD-URL:

The highlighted area is in Austin ETJ and the other side of the Brown line is in Travis County


  • The property on Trappers Trail is equipped with an available electricity connection, as indicated by the visible overhead electric and telecommunication lines.
  • Adjacent to the property, there is a 12-inch water line provided by the Manville Water Supply Corporation (WSC). This water service falls under Zone 9.
  • The property offers the opportunity for customized sewage disposal solutions. In the case of residential development, septic tanks can be utilized to efficiently manage sewage. Additionally, the city of Austin manages nearby sewer lines located approximately 3.8 miles west of the site, providing potential future options for connection.
  • Austin's sewer services could potentially cover only the western section of the property within the ETJ boundary.
  • Aside from the Austin Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ), the property is situated outside any Municipal Sanitary Sewer Certificates of Convenience and Necessity (CCN).
  • The survey does not reflect the presence of underground storm drain lines.

Property Information:

  • The property is located within Travis County, Texas.
  • It should be noted that a portion of the property falls under the jurisdiction of the Austin ETJ (Extraterritorial Jurisdiction), while another part is governed by Travis County.
  • The property is currently undeveloped and has not undergone any construction or improvement.
  • There is a 30-foot road easement on the property, allowing for access or passage along a designated area.
  • The property is densely covered with trees and vegetation.
  • It boasts approximately 450 feet of frontage along the Trappers' Trail.
  • Lockwood Creek flows through the property, enhancing its natural features.
  • The presence of a flood zone on the property results in the loss of approximately 7 acres during flooding events.
  • Surrounding the property, there are vacant lands that are not currently developed or built upon.
  • Positioned on the southern side of the property, there is a designated area for disposing of automobiles, commonly known as a car dumpster.

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