Lago Vista, Austin

A multi-purpose venture spread across 280 Acres, planned to create a community of Town Homes, Single Family, Multi Family, Senior Citizens Village, Premium Luxury Villas; as well as a Commercial Space for General, Retail and Restaurant businesses.



Project Area

280 Acres

Project Type

Master-planned community

Project Location

Lago vista, Austin


Project Highlights

Land area : 280 Acres

Address: 19101 Veranda walk, Leander, TX 78645

City Limits: City of Lago Vista

Site Location: 19101 Veranda Walk

Property Information:

The Riviera property is an extensive and intricate development that has been under consideration for nearly two decades. During this time, a substantial amount of infrastructure has been implemented and officially approved by the City of Lago Vista.

Location: The Riviera property is situated southeast of the intersection of Lohman Ford Road and Shoreline Ranch Drive, in a hilly area adjacent to Lake Travis, within the City of Lago Vista.

Property Size: The development covers approximately 280 acres of land, including about 91 acres of subsurface plat under Lake Travis.

Infrastructure: Over the past 20 years, a significant amount of infrastructure has been installed and accepted as complete by the City of Lago Vista. This includes roads, water mains, and electricity.

Phasing Plan: The property is divided into platted lots, and currently, 35 lots are ready for sale as part of the phased development approach.

Boundaries: The site is bordered by Lohman Ford Road to the west, Shoreline Ranch Boulevard to the north, and Austin Boulevard to the east. Austin Boulevard will require improvement, likely involving widening and pavement replacement.

Water Supply: The property falls within the City of Lago Vista Water Certificate of Convenience and Necessity (CCN) Area. Most roads have water mains, with a 12-inch main along Shoreline Ranch and on Austin Blvd between Shoreline Ranch and Mira Lago Drive. Other streets have 8-inch water lines.

Sewer System: The property is also within the City of Lago Vista Sanitary Sewer CCN Area. Two lift stations have been constructed and turned over to the city by the previous developer to handle wastewater.

Dry Utilities: Except for natural gas, all other dry utilities, such as electricity and fiber internet, are available to the site.

Natural Gas: Natural gas is not available to any home in Lago Vista, and residents use propane tanks for gas supply.

Edwards Aquifer Recharge Area: The site is located outside the boundary of the Edwards Aquifer Recharge area, an environmentally significant region.

Irrigation: The property has irrigation lines running from Lake Travis to the Canyon Area, providing water for a pond amenity. Pumps and meters would need to be purchased, and the water would be paid for from the LCRA (Lower Colorado River Authority).

Here's a quick sneak peek into the Riviera venture to visualise "Life by the Lake" World-class amenities in a well-planned community spread adjacent to a natural viewpoint, promising a serene, luxurious lifestyle for you !!


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