Office Space

Take a deep dive into one of our recent project highlights where we skillfully executed three distinct interior finish outs for office spaces, all different in design and functionality. Located at 8195 Custer Rd, Frisco, TX, our works span across Suites 200 A, 200 B, and 200 C, each having a square footage of 1,268, 744, and 1,233 respectively.

Project Area

3245 Sq. Ft.

Project Type

interior finish outs for office spaces

Project Location

8195 Custer Rd, Frisco, TX


Project Highlights

  • Premium Office Design: To create aesthetically attractive studio office spaces, we constructed contemporary interior partitions and glass frontages.
  • Beautiful Flooring: High-quality vinyl flooring was installed throughout the workplace space to improve its longevity and appearance.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Our group made sure that all work complied with the strict requirements by effectively managing city permits, inspections, and ADA compliance.
  • Advanced Infrastructure Works: We completed the electrical, mechanical, and plumbing rough-ins with precision, as well as sheet rough work and MVP contractor services.
  • Advanced Ceiling Systems: The highest requirements were met in the installation of fire safety systems (sprinkler and alarm works), ceiling grid framing, and tiles with a 0.75 Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC).
  • Climate management and Safety Installations: HVAC units, smart locks for better security, WiFi-controlled thermostats, and full electrical and mechanical final inspections were implemented for optimal climate management and safety.
  • Soundproofing Measures: R19 insulation was used for internal partitions to considerably lower sound transmission, resulting in a calm and productive workspace.
  • Decor & Furnishing: Furnishings, furniture, and artifacts were chosen carefully to create a welcoming atmosphere and aesthetic appeal in all places.
  • Modern Kitchen and Break Room: The kitchen's design and layout, which includes cutting-edge appliances and a contemporary break room, reflects our dedication to providing enjoyable and functional environments.

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